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Mini Homes & Micro Communities

Images Below are not my work but are here simply for example

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Right now this is more a dream than a reality but I am going to be advertising Custom Mini or Micro Homes. I see prices all over the charts and as well see designs that would not fit my idea of "tiny" living. Now there are some companies out there that are doing a decent job offering this service but for the most part I see big, heavy structures being built using normal home building materials. I see designs that, again, have very little to do with any sort of minimalist mindset. My hope would be to find clients that want to live in a way that is comfortable and affordable. The classic American Dream is not for everyone and there is nothing wrong with making an effort to live in an off grid environment with as small a footprint as one can. 

    Again, much like the Food Service Trucks & Trailers section on this site, I would ask that you do some research on your own before contacting me. I know exactly how I would build one for myself but this is about your personality. Try to get some kind of concept and budget together and from there we can see what would work best for you.

    Living on and managing the facilities for a micro-community could indeed be my dream job and the life for me. With all of my construction and engineering skills I am more than qualified. When you factor in my experience in organic gardening, greenhouses and vegetable fermentation it only adds to my appeal. Who know's maybe one day I will be the Mayor of Tiny Town! 

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