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Food Trucks & Trailers


A Joint Venture

Roscoe's Smoked BBQ & The Carpenter Bee

    I built my first Food Service or Concessions Trailer almost 20 years ago. I recently had the opportunity to bid on another Food Truck Build and I had lots of fun completing that project. There are enough Food Truck companies out there if you want to drop $100-$150K on one. Perhaps your budget is tight and simply want a truck that is inside efficient and will pass your health & fire inspections. I do not provide the Truck, Exterior Painting or Decals but if you have figured out your truck costs and have priced out your equipment then I would be happy to talk with you and go over some options and estimates. While I am hearing that some of the larger festivals in Nashville are no longer allowing Food Trailers, this is still a more affordable option if you are just wanting to do some roadside vending. The sky is the limit on the design and layout so please give me a call and we'll see what we can put together. There are a lot of similarities with this and Building Mini Homes and Retrofitting Vans or Buses.

    Nashville is now among the Top 10 cities in the US that provides Mobile Concession Services. I suggest again that you do a little homework for yourself and come up with some kind of a budget before you call. Research and planning on your part will help the process run much more smoothly for everyone involved. 

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