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Full Bath Remodels

IMG_0096 square.jpg

Take it Down to the Studs and Build it back again! When it comes to Home Remodeling this is one of my favorite things to do. So many design options and styles you truly can end up with a Bathroom that is as unique as your personality. I will walk you...

Fine Carpentry

Wood Rail Square.jpg

Spruce up your home with a new hardwood staircase, some Crown Molding or maybe even a new wood floor! 

Decks & Pergolas

deck1 square.jpg

A new Deck or Pergola for those who love spending time outside. This can range anywhere from a basic, simple deck design all the way to a Multi-Tiered experience that will be able to accommodate all of your needs  

Commercial Experience

I am not really seeking to do anymore commercial work to the scale I used to. But my many years experience working as a Frame and Trim Foreman all over the Eastern United States is now available to you.  

Food Trucks & Trailers

Food Trucks are a BOOMING industry and Nashville is in the Top 10 cities in the United States that provide this service to it's population. Got a Truck? I would love to sit down with you and come up with a plan! 

Mini Homes

From what I see offered online, both design and cost, I know that I would be able to bring you a product that competes in every way. One for you to live in or even rent one out as an Air B&B...

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